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Send flowers to Novi Sad from all over the world by a credit card! We have activated a payment method which supports all kind of Visa, Master, American Express, Diners... cards (visit this LINK for full list) and a number of supported currencies (visit this LINK).
Because the money transaction is taking 1-2 days (it mostly deppends on your bank), we are asking you to send us your orders at least a day before the date of delivery. But also you can send us your order way before the delivery time (if you wish to order some special kinds or tropical flowers, we should know sooner, to get them in time for you), in the matter a fact the best way is to send your orders as soon as you can to our mail: or by GoogleTalk messenger (!

Further instructions of the payment method and the delivery you can get by mail!
If you haven't got a special wish of the bouqet or the arrangement, or you're out of idea you can see some of past ones in our GALLERY, you can also look at our range of FLOWERS.

Why 2CO?
We're sending you the online payment link for the ordered product. You're then compleeting the payment process at 2CheckOut's SSL secured website.
Supported Card Types

Western Union - Transfer novcaFor urgent orders(deliveries) there is Western Union money transfer.Money is received just minutes after it is sent. Western Union uses the latest electronic technology and a unique worldwide computer network for payout in 195 countries and territories. Western Union agents are located where you need them: in banks, post offices, pharmacies, retail stores, supermarkets, railway stations, airports and other places. Most agent locations offer extended hours and service on weekends. More than 225,000 agent locations make Western Union the world's largest money transfer network. Informations about the adress(where the money should be sent) you'll get, when you send us your order (by mail , GTalk ( or telephone +381 21 466703 ). More information about Western Union and about the cost to send money by WU you can get on the following LINK .

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